Arts Emergency

Timothy Phillips

Writer/ Translator

I write about Russian history. At the moment, I am writing about 1920s Russian spies in Britain, based on my own research in the MI5 archives. My first book, published five years ago, was about the Beslan School Siege, a serious terrorist attack in the south of Russia in 2004.

Before becoming a writer, I was an academic researcher for a number of years. Again, this was in Russian studies. I now have a normal job, which brings in most of income. But my writing is a way for me to continue my creative and historical interests and I think of it as a profession. I have an agent and a publisher.

An important part of my work is commentating on events in Russia and I have contributed often to BBC News, BBC World Service and RTE programmes about Russia and terrorism.

People who might be interested in talking to me include people who want to or have to pursue their artistic careers part-time; people interested in non-fiction, especially archival research; and people who worry about being interviewed.