Arts Emergency

Tom Jeffreys

Art Critic/ Editor

I am an art critic, journalist and editor, with over 5 years experience of the London art scene.Having worked in fashion PR for a year, before becoming Arts Editor (and then Features Editor) at I left in 2012 to launch The Journal of Wild Culture – a brand new online magazine exploring the intersections between art, science and the environment.

I have been published in a number of publications (including FAD, (H)Art, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, Notion and Arte-TV); have written catalogue essays for the likes of Stuart Semple and Henrijs Preiss; and have sat on judging panels for various art prizes. Aside from art, I also write about a range of other topics, including fashion, restaurants, books, sherry and breakfasts.

I decided to pursue a path in the arts on account of my twin passions for writing and for visual arts and because I thought it would be interesting, challenging, rewarding and fun.

I want to volunteer for Arts Emergency because I am interested in thinking about how arts and education ought to be funded. The arguments are complex on every side. Whose responsibility is it? How might the future look for the arts and for education? (Interestingly, perhaps Arts Emergency is exactly what David Cameron meant by Big Society!)