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We ask our students ‘Who inspires you?’

Mentor group one

Vera Wang? Benazir Bhutto? Missy Elliott? We asked some of our students ‘Who is your role model and why?’ – the responses were diverse and inspiring!

J, 17yrs

Oprah because she is one of the most influential women ever, in the media industry. Since she started from the bottom and worked her way to the top I really admire how much of a determined individual she is.

F, 19yrs

I would say my main role model is Michelle Obama after she visited my secondary school and gave an empowering speech it made me believe I can do more and determined to become successful I looked up to her because she had achieved so much despite being from an ethnic minority she graduated from harvard with a law degree it gives me more hope. Another role model of mine is Andretta Andrets the chief executive of burberry she became the first female ceo on the ftse 100 list I think that’s a significant achievement and that it’s possible to transform something you love into a successful career.

K, 16yrs

My cousin. She strives for the best in everything she does.

S, 17yrs

MF DOOM, J Dilla, Fly Lo, The Internet, Tyler the Creator (as a producer not a rapper), Bob Marley, ERY KAH BADU, Jill Scott, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Wu Tang, Mellow Hype, Ta-Ku, Chuck Inglish, A$AP TY Beats, Outkast, Capital Steez. They are all perfect, they make amazing music and I could live the rest of my life just listening to these people and be happy. DOOMS use of samples are so perfect/ extraordinary OMG.

D, 19yrs

I only have one role model and that is my Mother. she is the epitome of grace, life, kindness and hope. my mum inspires me to be the best i can be and even though sometimes there are some goals i feel i cant reach but when i remember where my mum started from and where she is now i get the strength to carry on and aim for the impossible because if my mum was able to make something out of nothing and i am her daughter then i can do and be anything. (even though i cant fly)

Z, 19yrs

Benazir Bhutto: I believe her to be my role model because despite having barriers in life; personal and social she never gave up. She always fought for the betterment of her own country. Her courage was extraordinary, her hopes flying high, her support in great numbers and her dreams always shining in her eyes.

J, 18yrs

My favourite role models are Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Vera Wang.

N, 19yrs

I would say that Missy Elliott because she is one of the very few mainstream female music producers and she is multi-talented. Jessie J because she a very creative songwriter and as an inspiration story. Lastly the wonderful Quincy Jones this is because he is a would wide producer who has created some phenomenal work and work with some of the greatest people within the industry.

B, 17yrs

Mother – because she gave up alot for me and my brother

S, 20yrs

Jimi Hendrix is my role model as i love the guitar and i am fascinated by it, his style of music is very different. another role model of mine is bucket head as he is also a really good guitarist but he’s also quite quirky.

V, 16yrs

My biggest role model is my older sister as she has also supported and guided me in the right direction, and has been their for me when I most needed her. She also told me to follow my dreams and do what I want to do in life. Despite the negative from others.

C, 18yrs

I love the work of Michelle Thompson. I feel the way she works is also how i like to work. she is really rough in the way she uses textures and i also love the way she creates these profecional looking artworks by tairing out images from newspapers or magazines. Over all i found my self looking back on her work alot to help me create some of my artwork.

A, 19yrs

Maaida Noor her works colourful and messy which i like.

U, 19yrs

My role models are my mom because she was my inspiration and strength she was a strong independent woman who worked hard to give me and my brother the best life. She did everything in her power to make us happy.

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