Arts Emergency

Birmingham arts cut – join our response!

Arts Emergency (literally) in Birmingham!

It has recently been announced that Birmingham City Council are slashing the arts budget by 25%. We are using our profile to help bring together activists, artists and educators and allow them to effectively respond.

This is the third major reduction in arts subsidies in the austerity era, following a 17 per cent cut in 2010 and a further 20 per cent cut two years ago .

We are a very small charity, there are just two of us here and we do our best to run very effective mentoring and networking projects in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Derby. Join the list below, and help us organise something similar for those in Birmingham most likely to be affected by these cuts – the young disadvantaged and diverse young minds we used to value as a society!

The arts are NOT a luxury. If you also wish to donate towards our work please click here

The mailing list to join if you wish to meet others concerned by this is below. I intend to introduce all of those signing up in the new year and to support you wherever I can/

Thank you,

Neil Griffiths
Arts Emergency.

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