Arts Emergency

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Today, in 2018, diversity and social mobility within the academic institutions and industries that produce mainstream culture in this country (think press, politics, university humanities departments, theatre, film, advertising etc) is worse than ever and worse than in any other sector including law and medicine.

Research shows that personal networks, industry contacts and access to insider knowledge are hugely influential in the decisions we make about higher education, especially with regards to the Arts and Humanities which are seen as such a risk, and when building careers too.

Regardless of potential, many less advantaged young people are locked out of these networks and lack the necessary social and cultural capital to get in and get on.

Arts Emergency is the real life network for these kids, the one’s with all the ambition in the world and none of the opportunities or support.

What we do

We provide state school sixth-formers with the support, knowledge, understanding, information & real world connections required to make the right choices for themselves in higher education, & over time, as they make the breakthrough into a cultural career and change the world for all of us for the better.

Our main activities are mentoring, which lasts for one year, is goal focused and takes place monthly, and networking – both proactively, as we develop and share regular opportunities from our network with participants (think visits, work experience, , paid internships, workshops etc) and responsively, as we receive and fulfil personal requests from participants themselves, both during the year of mentoring, throughout higher education and up to the age of 24.

Joining Arts Emergency

If you are an Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences graduate, or a practicing creative person, then you could well be a huge help to any number of young people through this project.

As a member you will do two simple things to resist the rapid gentrification of higher education, and redress the imbalance of representation within our culture and the production of our culture

1) Share knowledge and contacts

Whatever you achieved, somebody helped you on the way – now you will be *that* person by responding to requests direct from our students and their mentors whenever you can help with something. It’s so helpful for them and easy to do. You can also put yourself forward as a mentor, a school speaker, or set up a visit/work experience too. How you help is entirely up to you and we have members from pretty much all levels of all industries!

2) Supporting our mentor project with a donation (if you can)

At the heart of all we do is that one year mentoring project for 16 year olds, and it is entirely crowd funded at this time. So in order to try and meet growing demand, we’ve added an option to make a monthly donation of any amount you like. It all goes towards expanding our reach.

We will send ALL new donating members a handmade badge and copy of our manifesto.

If you would like any more information about us or our work, please email us at, we’re a small team and will respond to you personally as soon as we can.