Arts Emergency

Join Arts Emergency today!

When tuition fees tripled back in 2010 and public funding for the arts was decimated, we wanted to do something meaningful for the low income kids whose futures were cut so drastically.

Now it is 2017, and frankly, things are even worse. But Arts Emergency has grown into a real force, and we are forging real opportunities for young people when almost everywhere else, their life chances are flat lining.

The Arts are NOT a luxury, and low income does not mean low intelligence, or imagination, or talent, and due to huge demand we are re-opening applications to join our alternative to the old boy network!

Open Access Privilege

It begins as a one year mentoring project for 16 year olds, and it’s the absolute chance of a lifetime. 

What’s revolutionary here is that young people are supported along the way (and beyond) by what’s now a network of over 4000 arts professionals, including 100s of the biggest names in visual art, music, fashion, film, journalism and more. These are people who can and do open doors at ALL levels of the industry. This is a real, vital, alternative to the ‘old boy’ network.

We have set up paid work experience, studio time, set visits, auditions, coaching, gallery space, free tickets, backstage passes, paid internships, academic help and so much more.

They only need ask, and our membership can almost certainly deliver it. That’s real privilege, it’s a real game changer for them.

Joining the network has proven rewarding for our members too, and is a very practical way of giving low income kids everything you probably wished for at 16. It’s an open door into the world of culture, learning, and creativity, all underpinned by long term practical, personal, support up to the age of 24!

Unsurprisingly, four years in and with a rapidly rising profile, we find ourselves oversubscribed by teenagers wanting to apply, so for the first time since 2014, membership is reopening and we hope you want to be part of this!

Joining Arts Emergency

If you are an Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences graduate, or a practicing creative person, then you could well be a huge help to any number of young people through this project.

As a member you will do two simple things to resist the rapid gentrification of higher education, and redress the imbalance of representation within our culture and the production of our culture

1) Share knowledge and contacts

Whatever you achieved, somebody helped you on the way – now you will be *that* person by responding to requests direct from our students and their mentors whenever you can help with something. It’s so helpful and easy to do

2) Supporting our mentor project

At the heart of all we do is that one year mentoring project for 16 year olds, and it is entirely crowd funded at this time.

As a network member you can help cover the cost of mentor training, matching young people to mentors, practical support over the year, and their ongoing place in this amazing network thereafter. Some people give £5 a month, others give significantly more. We only ask for whatever you yourself can comfortably afford, and it is entirely voluntary on your part.

Take 2 minutes to sign up, we look forward to welcoming you officially with a member pack and copy of our manifesto.

If you would like any more information about us or our work, please email us at, we’re a small team and will respond to you personally as soon as we can.