Arts Emergency

BLM Solidarity

Pin badge stating Black Lives Matter everyday

Arts Emergency stands now, and always, in heartfelt solidarity with those challenging the oppression, discrimination and murder of Black people.

In the UK your social and cultural capital, even your most basic fundamental rights, are inseparable from your race and the colour of your skin and the arts, media and academia have a central role to play in the struggle for progress. They are also currently a huge part of the problem, with the over-represented assuming their experiences are universal, and the underrepresented going unseen and unheard.

We firstly wish to affirm that we want positive change to come now not tomorrow, we believe in decolonising not diversifying, and we believe in social justice not social mobility.

And we especially want our members to know this:

We set Arts Emergency up for you to have all the opportunities and experiences you’re entitled to, for you to pursue the life you want. Life is short and precious so go and get it. You have so many people on your side, especially at times like this. You are our greatest hope for a better future, your fulfilment and success is the change we need today.

We acknowledge the silence, ignorance, apathy and fragility that you navigate every day.

We will work to ensure you’re safeguarded, valued, recognised, paid and promoted in the creative and cultural industries you work in, or aspire to.

We will stand with you, always, against the regressive forces politically, economically and creatively that block your path forward.

As a grassroots movement, we will support you not just in the changing of old institutions and notions but also in the building of new ones that represent life as it really is, for all of us.


Image: Black Lives Matter Everyday. Original image from the collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.