Arts Emergency

Deji & Yoav

Deji & Yoav at a Celebration Event

Deji is interested in filmmaking and psychology so we paired him with Yoav Segal, a filmmaker, designer and creative director. During their year together Yoav was able to help Deji get valuable on-set experience as well as industry insights on his film script.


What have you learnt from mentoring?
This year I learnt how the film industry works at a basic level and how if I want to succeed I’m going to have to work very hard at entry level to get where I want to be. Also that writing is hard but so rewarding.

Why is Arts Emergency important to you?
Arts Emergency has done more for me than I ever thought possible, it has opened doors I thought were closed. It has given me hope, hope that tells me my dreams aren’t futile. It has been amazing and I will continue to recommend it too all. I hope that one day I can do a lot to help Arts Emergency help others.


How have you offered support to your mentee this year?
We spent the beginning of the year building his film and story understanding with lots of different books on comics, sequential story, the act structure, Aristotle’s poetics, directing interviews…etc. Deji then started work on a script that we channelled all this learning into. He’s an excellent writer and it’s been a treat to see the script go from strength to strength and impress industry professionals. We also drove really hard for exciting work experience opportunities – at post-production/edit houses and on set. Deji stepped up to the plate every-time.

How have you found the experience?
Deji has been an absolute joy to mentor. He has an amazing passion and hunger to learn and grow. The experience has been really exciting, fun and fulfilling. Deji and I clicked, so it’s been a laugh hanging out and a real pleasure to see him grow in confidence, ability and stature!

Why is Arts Emergency important to you?
It gives me a chance to be very useful to someone like Deji and create opportunities that he won’t have access to without me and Arts Emergency. I really enjoy mentoring and get a lot of satisfaction from seeing Deji succeed.

Photo: Lilla Nyeki