Arts Emergency

Our vision

We work for an equitable, empathic and kind society where every young person has the chance to flourish, and every opportunity to contribute to the culture in which they live.

With the support of strategic donors over the next three years we will increase our reach and impact by launching Arts Emergency in 12 new towns and cities.

Read about our plans for the future here: The Future is Another Place

Our Aims

1. We’ll provide local mentors, opportunities and long-term support to those that need it most.

2. Marginalised young people don’t write off the arts and humanities, they are exposed to positive arguments and accurate information about higher education and careers in the sector.

3. Cultural and social capital is redistributed and available to all regardless of class, gender or ethnicity.

4. Gatekeepers acknowledge not just the diversity problem but the structural causes behind it and act to address these.